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Cost Saving Case Studies

Case Study 2 - Detailed Engineering Cost Savings

Engineering Deliverables Alignment Using a Construction Driven Mindset

Resulted in a 38% Reduction in Detailed Engineering Costs


Prior to retaining Pinnacle Project & Construction Management, a client had previously engaged with an EPCM to complete engineering for a large multi-disciplined project (excess of $20M CAD).

After Pinnacle was retained, the same EPCM was not able to provide either a basis of their detailed engineering pricing or a deliverables listing. As such, Pinnacle recommended to the client that a detailed and focused RFP should be developed


To reduce the detailed engineering costs and provide better deliverables clarity through the development of a detailed and fit for purpose engineering services request for proposal (RFP). 


Pinnacle Project & Construction Management developed an engineering services RFP focused on construction needs that included detailed scope of work, multi-discipline work package deliverables and milestone & reporting requirements.


Through a formal RFP and competitive bid process, detailed engineering costs were reduced by approximately $360,000 CAD (or 38% reduction of detailed engineering costs).  Main benefit included having a deliverables based register that was used to hold the new engineering company accountable.  

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