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Major Project Experience

Urea Greenfield Plant Project - Alberta, Canada

High-Level Scope

   Installation of a new greenfield 1,800 MTPD urea plant, installation of a new ammonia pipeline, installation of a new urea granulation unit, associated ammonia plant revamp scope within the processing unit, energy efficiency upgrades, as well as major utilities and offsite (U&O) upgrades to existing electrical, steam generation, water treatment, cooling water, raw water systems, storage and rail system


Project Responsibilities & Deliverables

Led this project up to end of the design basis (DBM or FEL-2) phase.  The major deliverables associated with this project included the development & completion of the following items: 

Project charter; contract development including creation of technical specifications and RFP packages & negotiations for engineering and process licensor services; completion of various project gate documentation deliverables including the process study and design basis memorandum documentation; initial environmental regulatory strategy development; process hazard analysis (PHA); extensive laser scanning management; plant layout including buildings and major equipment; utility process and mechanical requirements; rail studies, Class 4 project estimate including all direct and indirect costs as well as basis of estimate documentation; project resourcing plans; preliminary project and construction execution plans; qualitative risk assessments (risk registers) and AFE phase development and submissions.     

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Project Cost: $800M
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