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Major Project Experience

Waste Heat Boiler Replacement Project - Alberta, Canada

High-Level Scope

Replace an existing waste heat boiler in an existing ammonia plant as it failed unexpectedly and needed to be replaced as soon as practically possible.  Scope included the procurement of a new vessel, the removal of the existing vessel and installation of the new vessel.


Project Responsibilities & Deliverables

Led all project development phases (detailed engineering and execution) and facets (contract development & negotiations, engineering, procurement, execution planning) of this fast tracked project.  Through negotiation with the German fabricator (7 weeks) as well as flying the new vessel on the Antonov, AN-225 Myria plane (5 weeks), realized a 12-week schedule saving improvement, equivalent to a 15% reduction in the overall schedule, for a critical path piece of equipment designed and fabricated in Germany that was required for a fast tracked project completed in 2014 which equated to a company savings of approximately $65M in potential lost production due to being able to start up 12 weeks faster than originally planned.  

Project Cost: $20M
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