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Major Project Experience

Re-Refinery Brownfield Conversion Project - Alberta, Canada

High-Level Scope

   Installation of a new greenfield 2,800 BPD re-refinery plant and associated plant utilities on an existing terminal site that would have included retrofitting existing storage tanks and rail siding.


Project Responsibilities & Deliverables

Led this project up to end of the design basis (DBM or FEL-2) phase.  The major deliverables associated with this project included the development & completion of the following items: 

working with the various local utility companies, working and negotiating with the terminal owner on which existing infrastructure could be used specifically for this project, scope definition with the various process technology suppliers, value engineering with regards to equipment and plant layout, contract development and negotiations, completion of various project execution strategies and philosophies (commissioning and start up philosophy, schedule and estimate assessment, owner’s team organization, execution development plan, project responsibility matrix, project risk register, etc.), review and assessment of constructor estimate and Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) facilitation and review. 

Case Study 1 Layout 2.png
Project Cost: $120M
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