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Major Project Experience

Refinery Boiler Feed Water Upgrade Project - Alberta, Canada

High-Level Scope

Installation of new reverse osmosis (RO) equipment and associated auxiliary equipment, infrastructure (civil, foundations, buildings, piping, electrical, instrumentation, controls, etc.) deaerator, pumps, etc. to improve the overall boiler feedwater makeup within an existing refining facility.


Project Responsibilities & Deliverables

Led this fast-tracked project up to the end of the FEED (FEL-3) phase.  Completed the FEED project phase in 2 months with numerous compliments from senior management on the on the level of detail and high quality of deliverables produced.  The major deliverables associated with this project included the development & completion of the following items:

RO equipment design (water quality vendors did not have any experience with manufacturing heavy industrial RO equipment); contract development including creation of technical specifications and RFP packages & negotiations for major equipment; FEED project gate documentation; process hazard analysis (PHA); 30% 3D model review, building and equipment layouts; detailed project and construction execution plans; Class 3 project estimates and basis of estimate documentation and Monte Carlo quantitative risk analysis, systems based turnover strategy, etc.  Turned this project over to another business unit within the company to complete but was officially recognized by the company's senior management for the great work with high attention to detail and completing this project FEED in a very short amount of time.

Boiler Feedwater Upgrade Project
Project Cost: $95M
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