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Major Project Experience

Major Exchanger Replacement & Unit Relief System Modifications Project - Alberta, Canada

High-Level Scope

Replacement of an existing stripping vessel with a new technologically advanced heat exchanger vessel.  The scope of the project also included modifications to the unit’s relief system that encompassed replacing the existing relief header, various process safety valve replacements as well as the installation of a new relief drum and pumps.  Both scope items required extensive infrastructure modifications, upgrades and installations (civil, structural, piping, mechanical, electrical, controls, etc.).


Project Responsibilities & Deliverables

Led all project development phases (study, DBM, FEED, detailed engineering, execution and project closeout).  The major deliverables associated with this project included the development & completion of the following items:

Project charter; contract development including creation of technical specifications and RFP packages & negotiations for major equipment, pre-fabrication and construction services; project gate documentation (process study, DBM, FEED documentation); extensive laser scanning management; various 3D model reviews (30%, 60% & 90%), building and equipment layouts; construction work packages (civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and controls based CWPs, Class 2 estimate including the basis of estimate documentation and Monte Carlo quantitative risk analysis; field installation work packages (FIWPs); level 5 schedule and associated schedule PERT analysis and DCMA 14-point schedule assessment; Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI); systems based turnover strategy; detailed project and construction execution plans; equipment preservation; engineering and field change management process creation & execution; project controls; earned value management including CPI, SPI and TCPI metrics; quality assurance and quality control; piping and structural steel pre-fabrication; logic and controls pre-testing; pre-commissioning; pre-start up safety reviews (PSSRs); commissioning and start up; turnaround management and construction management of pre-construction and main construction execution.

Project Cost: $72M
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